A BALANCED LIFE with Source Connection Therapy

by Genie Monte-Pelizzari

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This book teaches readers to bring their energy into balance by crossing the mid-line of the body, reuniting the

right and left brain, and calming the central nervous system. This vital practice works well as an adjunct to traditional medicine.


Genie Monte-Pelizzari is a licensed massage practitioner and Reiki Master with over thirteen years of practical experience.

She is a certified specialist in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, and Movement Therapy.

Genie is an experienced instructor and curriculum developer for professional licensing programs in massage therapy.

Today, Genie is well known as the developer and teacher of Source Connection Therapy, a technique perfected over time and

proven through work with hundreds of clients. Motivated by a strong desire to help others attain wellness, balance, and harmony

in their lives, Genie teaches people how to identify the Source in their own lives and then connect with that Source for effective

healing and personal growth.